Almaz-Antey unveils latest naval air-defence systems

Almaz-Antey unveils latest naval air-defence systems

Russia’s state-owned Almaz-Antey Concern unveiled its latest range of shipborne air-defence systems at the International Maritime Defence Show 2021 (IMDS 2021), held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 23–27 June.

Resurs (Resource) is a new surface ship-borne naval air-defence system intended to engage both manned air platforms and unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), including extremely low-flying UASs, at short ranges. The system, which is capable of simultaneously engaging up to five aerial targets, comprises new effectors, a command module, and below-deck firing station and support systems.

Resurs accommodates two types of containerised vertically-launched missiles: the 9M96E for medium ranges and the 9M100E for shorter ranges. The system’s modular launcher can accommodate up to eight firing cells, with a total of eight ready-to-fire 9M96E or 32 9M100E missiles. The 9M96E weighs 502 kg, is 4.78 m long, and is designed to engage aerial targets at distances between 1.5 km and 28 km, at altitudes up from 5 m to 20,000 m. Supplied in a container of four ready-use missiles, the 9M100E weighs 200 kg, is 3.66 m long, and can address airborne target sets at ranges between 1 km and 10 km, at altitudes from 5 m up to 4,000 m. The four-cell container weighs 850 kg and is 3.68 m long.

The 9M96E and 9M100E interceptors of the new Amaz-Antey Resurs naval air-defence system displayed at IMDS 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 23-27 June. (Dmitry Fediushko)

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