Disabled Veterans: active duty can get adaptive equipment for automobiles

Disabled Veterans: active duty can get adaptive equipment for automobiles

Veterans and active duty with a service-connected disability that prevents them from driving an automobile may qualify for a VA program to purchase a specially modified motor vehicle.

VA assists in paying for adaptive equipment, repairs, replacements, and reinstallations for automobile gear.

Benefits are typically granted to individuals who have a service-connected disability, such as:

  • Loss of functional use of an arm, leg, ear or, eye
  • A severe burn injury
  • Permanent loss of use of a limb
  • Ankylosis in one or both knees and hips
  • Permanent vision impairment in one or both eyes

A complete list of service-connected disabilities can be found here. Please note that Veterans or active duty must have at least one disability to qualify for disability benefits from the VA.

Approved applicants may receive a one-time payment for up to $21,058.69 to help with specialized purchases for their automobile. In some cases, a person may receive one or more adaptive-equipment grants so that they can add additional features to their vehicle (power steering, brakes, lift equipment, etc.), allowing individuals easier access to their vehicle.

To obtain benefits, people must file a claim for disability compensation, which the VA must approve before buying a vehicle or adaptive equipment. Click here to find out how to file for disability compensation.

For those who already filed a claim for VA disability, use VA Form 21-4502 “Application for Automobile or Other Conveyance and Adaptive Equipment” when applying for assistance.

To apply, people must:

  • Complete all items on Section I and II of the form.
  • Submit and send the form to the nearest VA regional office. If approved, VA will complete Section III and return the form.
  • Purchase a vehicle. Once you receive the seller’s vehicle and adaptive equipment, complete Section IV and return the form.

In some instances, applicants may only qualify for adaptive equipment. If so, Veterans will need to fill out VA Form 10-1394 “Application for Adaptive Equipment—Motor Vehicle.


Visit the VA Automobile Allowance and Adaptive Equipment website.

Visit the Inquiry Routing & Information System (IRIS) website to search Frequently Asked Questions or ask a question online

Call 1-800-827-1000

Call 1-800-829-4833 for hearing impaired

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