List of Wars 1000 – 1099

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StartFinishName of ConflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)Defeated party (if applicable)
10001139Norman conquest of southern ItalyCounty of Apulia
County of Aversa
Kingdom of Sicily (1130-1139)
Principality of Salerno
Principality of Benevento
Principality of Capua
Republic of Amalfi
Duchy of Naples
10011001Battle of PeshawarGhaznavidsKabul Shahi
10021018German–Polish War (1002–18)Kingdom of PolandHoly Roman Empire
10081008Hungarian–Ahtum WarKingdom of HungaryVoivodship of Ahtum
10081008Battle of ChachGhaznavidsKabul Shahi
1007/81007/8Battle at HerdalerKingdom of NorwayFinnish tribes
10091031Fitna of al-AndalusHammudid dynasty
Caliphate of Córdoba
10101011Second conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan WarLiao DynastyGoryeo
10141014Battle of ClontarfHigh King of IrelandLeinster
DublinVikings of Orkney and Man
10151016Cnut the Great’s conquest of EnglandDenmark


10151016Pisan–Genoese expeditions to SardiniaRepublic of Pisa
Republic of Genoa
Sardinian judicati
Taifa of Dénia
10151060sByzantine–Georgian warsByzantine EmpireKingdom of Georgia
10161016Battle of PontlevoyCounty of Anjou
County of Maine
County of Blois
10181018Boleslaw I’s intervention in the Kievan succession crisis, 1018Kievan Rus’ allied to Poland and HungaryKievan Rus’ allied to Yaroslav I
10181018Battle of VlaardingenWest FrisiaHoly Roman Empire
10181018Battle of CarhamKingdom of Scotland
Kingdom of Strathclyde
Kingdom of England
10181019Third conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan WarGoryeoLiao Dynasty
10191019Toi InvasionGoryeo
Jurchen pirates
10191024Chola expedition to North IndiaChola EmpireEastern Chalukyas
Pala Empire
10251025Chola invasion of SrivijayaChola EmpireSrivijaya
10301030Battle of Azaz (1030)Mirdasid Emirate of AleppoByzantine Empire
10301030Battle of StiklestadPeasant ArmyKingdom of Norway
10331058The Civil War in GeorgiaKingdom of GeorgiaByzantine Empire
Duchy of Anacopia
Duchy of Kldekari
Duchy of Klarjeti
10351042Stefan Vojislav‘s UprisingDukljaByzantine Empire|
10401040Battle of DandanaqanSeljuk TurksGhaznavid Empire
10401041Uprising of Peter DelyanByzantine EmpireBulgarian rebels
10401041Czech-Germany warHoly Roman EmpireDuchy of Bohemia
10401185Byzantine–Norman warsByzantine Empire
Republic of Venice
Holy Roman Empire
Kingdom of Sicily
Kingdom of France
Lombard duchies
Papal States
Serbs (Duklja and Raška)
10431043Rus’–Byzantine War (1043)Byzantine EmpireKievan Rus’
10461046Vata pagan uprisingPeter OrseoloHungarian pagans
10481308Byzantine–Seljuq warsGreat Seljuq Empire (1048–1092)
Sultanate of Rum (1077–1308)
Byzantine Empire,
Empire of Nicaea (1204–1261)
Empire of Trebizond (1204–1308)
Crusader States
10511063Former Nine Years WarJapanAbe clan
10611091Norman conquest of SicilyCounty of Apulia
County of Sicily (1071-1091)
Emirate of Sicily
Zirids (1063-1068)
10641064Crusade of BarbastroKingdom of Aragon
County of Urgell
Duchy of Aquitaine
Papal states
Taifa of Lérida
10641066Breton–Norman WarKingdom of England
Duchy of Normandy
Duchy of Brittany
10651067War of the Three SanchosKingdom of CastileKingdom of Navarre
Kingdom of Aragon
10661066Battle of Stamford BridgeKingdom of EnglandNorway

Earldom of Orkney

English Rebels

10661088Norman conquest of EnglandNormandyKingdom of England
10661165Norman invasion of WalesWelsh kingdomsNormandy
10661067Battle on the Nemiga RiverPrincipality of Kiev
Principality of Chernigov
Principality of Pereiaslavl’
Principality of Polotsk
10681068Battle of the Alta RiverCumansPrincipality of Kiev
Principality of Chernigov
Principality of Pereiaslavl’
10681068Battle of KerlésKingdom of HungaryPechenegs
10681069Kiev uprising of 1068Kievan Rus’Veche of kiev
10711071Battle of PedrosoKingdom of GaliciaCounty of Portugal
10721072Battle of GolpejeraKingdom of CastilleKingdom of Leon
10721073Uprising of Georgi VoitehByzantine EmpireBulgarian rebels
10731073Battle of Kerj Abu DulafSeljuk EmpireKerman Seljuk Sultanate
10731075Saxon RebellionHoly Roman EmpireDuchy of Saxony
10741203Georgian–Seljuk warsKingdom of Georgia (1089–1125),
Georgian Empire (1184–1213)
Great Seljuq Empire
Atabegs of Azerbaijan
Sultanate of Rum
10751077Lý–Song WarLý dynasty (Indecisive result)Song dynasty
10751075Revolt of the EarlsNormandyEnglish rebels
10751082Varendra RebellionVarendraPala Empire
10771088Great Saxon RevoltHoly Roman EmpireSaxon Nobility
1083(disputed)1089(disputed)Gosannen WarKiyohara ClanMutsu Province
10881088Rebellion of 1088
10961099First Crusade
Part of the Crusades

Kingdom of France

·         County of Auvergne

·         Counts of Blois

·         Count of Toulouse

·         County of Boulogne

·         Duchy of Burgundy

·         County of Flanders

·         Duchy of Normandy

·         Diocese of Le Puy-en-Velay

·         Duchy of Brittany

·         Vermandois

Holy Roman Empire

·         Republic of Genoa

County of Sicily

·         Principality of Taranto

County of Apulia and Calabria

Eastern Christian Allies

Byzantine Empire

Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia

Muslim Forces

Fatimid Caliphate

Seljuk Empire

·         Sultanate of Rum

·         Danishmends

·         Seljuk Emirate of Aleppo

·         Seljuk Emirate of Damascus

·         Abbasid Caliphate

10971097Chola invasion of Kalinga (1097)Chola EmpireKalinga


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