List of Wars 1200 – 1299

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StartFinishName of ConflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)Defeated party (if applicable)
12011219War of the Antiochene Succession Forces of Bohemond IV of Antioch
Knights Templar
Ayyubid Emirate of Aleppo
Kingdom of Jerusalem
Sultanate of Rum
 Forces of Raymond-Roupen of Antioch
Kingdom of Cilicia
Knights Hospitaller
12021204Fourth Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Holy Roman Empire

Republic of Venice

 Byzantine Empire
12041206Intervention in ChaldiaKingdom of GeorgiaByzantine Empire
12021204Anglo-Norman War (1202–04) Kingdom of France
Duchy of Brittany
House of Lusignan
 Kingdom of England
12021214Anglo-French War of 1202–1214 Kingdom of France England
12031206Loon War Holland
House of Welf
12041261Bulgarian–Latin wars Bulgarian Empire Latin Empire
12061337Mongol invasions and conquestsMongol Empire夏 Western Xia

金 Jin dynasty
大理國 Dali Kingdom
Khwarizmian Empire
Kara-Khitan Khanate
宋 Song Dynasty
Kievan Rus’
Volga Bulgaria
Byzantine Empire
Kingdom of Poland
Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Croatia
Kingdom of Serbia
Bulgarian Empire
Sultanate of Rûm
Empire of Trebizond
Crusader states
Đại Việt
Sukhothai Kingdom
Mamluk Sultanate
Abbasid Caliphate
Pagan Kingdom
Chăm Pa

12081209Lombard Rebellion Latin Empire

·          Kingdom of Thessalonica

Rebel barons
12091229Albigensian Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Kingdom of France Counts of Toulouse

Crown of Aragon

12111211Welsh uprising of 1211 Kingdom of England Llywelyn the Great
12131221Fifth Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Ayyubid Dynasty Latin Empire of Constantinople

Kingdom of Cyprus
Sultanate of Rûm
Holy Roman Empire
Archduchy of Austria
Knights Templar
Teutonic Knights
Knights Hospitaller
Kingdom of Hungary
County of Holland
Kingdom of France
Papal States

12141214Battle of Bouvines Kingdom of France Welfs


12151217First Barons’ War Kingdom of EnglandRebel Barons

Kingdom of France

12161218Mongol conquest of the Qara KhitaiMongol EmpireQara Khitai
12161222War of the Succession of Champagne County of Champagne
Kingdom of France
Holy Roman Empire
Duchy of Burgundy
County of Bar
Papal States
 Most of the local barons in the eastern and southern borderlands of Champagne, united under Erard of Brienne claiming succession by marrying Theobald IV’s cousin Philippa.
Duchy of Lorraine
12281229Sixth Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Holy Roman Empire
Teutonic Knights
 Kingdom of Cyprus
House of IbelinAyyubid Dynasty
12281243War of the Lombards Kingdom of Cyprus
Anti-Imperial faction in the Kingdom of JerusalemRepublic of Genoa
Knights Templar
 Holy Roman Empire
Pro-Imperial faction in the Kingdom of Jerusalem
Principality of Antioch and County of Tripoli
Republic of Pisa
Knights Hospitaller
Teutonic Knights
12301233Friso-Drentic War Bishopric of Utrecht
FrisiansTown of Groningen
Province of Groningen
12301333Dernbacher Feud Landgraviate of Hesse House of Nassau
12331234Stedinger Crusade
Part of the Crusades
Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen
12351242Bosnian Crusade
Part of the Crusades
Kingdom of HungaryBanate of Bosnia
12391245Teltow War
12421242Saintonge War Kingdom of France Kingdom of England
12401242Livonian campaign against Rus’
Part of the Northern Crusades
Novgorod Republic
 Livonian order
12421249First Prussian Uprising
12441254War of the Flemish Succession
12471264War of the Thuringian SuccessionSophie of ThuringiaHenry III, Margrave of Meissen
12481250Genoese occupation of RhodesEmpire of Nicaea Republic of Genoa
Principality of Achaea
12481254Seventh Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Ayyubid Dynasty
 Kingdom of France
Knights Templar
12511251Shepherds’ Crusade (1251) Kingdom of FrancePeasants
12561258War of the Euboeote Succession Principality of Achaea
Republic of Genoa
 Republic of Venice
Lordship of Athens and Thebes
Triarchs of Negroponte
Lordship of Salona
Marquisate of Bodonitsa
12561270War of Saint Sabas Republic of Venice
Count of Jaffa
Knights Templar
 Republic of Genoa
Philip of Monfort
John of Arsuf
Knights Hospitaller
12571259Rebellion of ArbanonEmpire of NicaeaPrincipality of Arbanon
12571259Epirote–Nicaean conflict (1257–59)Empire of NicaeaDespotate of Epirus
12601264Toluid Civil WarKublai KhanAriq Böke
12601274Great Prussian Uprising
12601323Mongol invasions of the Levant Ilkhanate
Armenian Kingdom of CiliciaKingdom of Georgia
Principality of Antioch
County of Tripoli
Golden Horde of the Mongol Empire (1259-1264)
Kingdom of England
Knights Templar
 Mamluk Sultanate

Golden Horde of the Mongol Empire (after 1264)
Karamanid Rebels
Abbasid Caliphate

12621262Berke–Hulagu war Golden Horde Ilkhanate
12621266Scottish–Norwegian War Kingdom of Scotland


12641267Second Barons’ War Pro-Monarchy Forces Anti-Monarchy Barons
12661266Battle of Benevento
Part of Guelphs and Ghibellines
 Guelphs Ghibellines
12681268Mačva War Kingdom of Hungary Kingdom of Serbia
12681301Kaidu–Kublai war Chagatai Khanate
Golden Horde
 Yuan dynasty
12691269Catalan Crusade [ca]
12701270Eighth Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Hafsids Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Sicily
Kingdom of Navarre
12701273Sambyeolcho RebellionGoryeo
Yuan dynasty
Sambyeolcho Army
12711272Ninth Crusade
Part of the Crusades
 Bahris Anjou

Kingdom of Cyprus
Principality of Antioch
Kingdom of England

12721278War of the Cow
12741281Mongol invasions of Japan JapanMongol Empire
12751275Manx revolt of 1275Kingdom of ScotlandKingdom of Mann
127612786000-mark war Denmark Sweden
12771280Uprising of Ivaylo Bulgarian nobility
Byzantine Empire
Golden Horde
Peasants under Ivaylo of Bulgaria
12771283Conquest of Wales by Edward I Kingdom of England Principality of Wales
12771288First Mongol invasion of Burma Yuan dynastyPagan Kingdom
12821302War of the Sicilian Vespers Crown of Aragon

Kingdom of Trinacria

 Kingdom of Naples

Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Majorca

12831289War of the Limburg Succession Duchy of Brabant
County of Berg
County of Mark
County of Loon
County of Jülich
County of Tecklenburg
County of Waldeck
 Electorate of Cologne
County of Guelders
County of Luxembourg
Lordship of Ligny
County of Nassau
12891296War of the Outlaws Norway
Danish outlaws
12941294Battle of Red FordClan MacDougallClan Campbell
12941303Anglo-French War of 1294–1303 Kingdom of France Kingdom of England
12951299War of CurzolaRepublic of VeniceRepublic of Genoa
Byzantine Empire (1295)
12961302Byzantine–Venetian War (1296–1302) Republic of Venice Byzantine Empire
12961328First War of Scottish Independence Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of England
12971305Franco-Flemish War Kingdom of France County of Flanders


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