List of Wars 1820 – 1829

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FinishName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)

Defeated party (if applicable)

18201820Revolution of 1820Kingdom of the Two SiciliesCarbonari
18201820Cambodian rebellion (1820) Cambodian pro-Siamese faction
Rattanakosin Kingdom (Siam)
Khmer anti-Vietnamese rebels
18201822Ali Pasha’s Revolt Ottoman EmpireAli Pasha of Yanina
18201822Ecuadorian War of Independence
Part of the Spanish American wars of independence
 Free Province of Guayaquil Kingdom of Spain
18201823Trienio Liberal Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of France
 Partisans of the Cortes
18201875Texas–Indian wars Spain
Republic of Texas
United States
18211821Siamese invasion of KedahRattanakosin KingdomKedah Sultanate
18211825Ijebu and Ife war against OwuIjebu


Owu Kingdom
18211821Wallachian uprising (1821) Ottoman Empire Principality of Wallachia
18211821Niš Rebellion (1821) Ottoman EmpireNiš Secret Organization
18211823Ottoman–Persian War (1821–23) Qajar Persia Ottoman Empire
18211832Greek War of Independence Greek revolutionaries

British Empire

United States of the Ionian Islands

Kingdom of France (1827 only)
Russian Empire (1827 only)

 Ottoman Empire
Egypt Eyalet
Beylik of Tunis (Only in naval battles)
18211837Padri War Dutch EmpireIndigenous population of West Sumatra
18211829Spanish attempts to reconquer Mexico Mexico Spanish Empire
18211870Comanche–Mexico WarsComanche
182118211821 Alghero revolt[3] Kingdom of SardiniaRebels of Alghero
18221823Casa Mata Plan RevolutionMexican Republicans First Mexican Empire
18221824War of Independence of Brazil Empire of Brazil Kingdom of Portugal
18221844Haitian occupation of Santo DomingoRepublic of Spanish Haiti Haiti
18231823Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis Kingdom of France
Armée de la Foi
 Partisans of the Cortes
18231823Ochomogo WarRepublicansImperialists
18231823Demerara rebellion of 1823 British EmpireDemerara slaves
18231823Expedition to the West Coast of BorneoRoyal Netherlands East CompanyChinese Indonesian rebels
18231823Revolt of Querétaro MexicoMexican Imperialists
18231831First Anglo-Ashanti War British Empire Ashanti Empire
18231824First Greek civil war Primates and supporters of the GovernmentMilitary leaders and supporters of Philiki Etaireia
18241824Chumash revolt of 1824
18241824Bathurst War British EmpireWiradjuri
18241824Confederation of the Equator Revolt Empire of Brazil Confederation of the Equator
18241824First Bone War Dutch EmpireSulawesi Rebels
18241824April RevoltAbsolutistsLiberals
18241825Second Greek civil warRoumeliotes and Islanders (Hydra)Moreotes
18241826First Anglo-Burmese War British Empire
British East India Company
Native Tribes
Third Burmese Empire
18251841Uprising in the Yamal tundra [ru] Russian EmpireIndigenous rebels
18251825Second Bone War Dutch EmpireSulawesi Rebels
18251828Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy Operations of the United States United StatesGreek Pirates
18251825Decembrist revolt Russian Empire Decembrists
18251828Cisplatine War United Provinces of South America

Thirty-Three Orientals

 Empire of Brazil
18251830Java War Dutch Empire
Pro-Netherlands Javanese
Rebellion forces of Prince Diponegoro
18251825Franco-Trarzan War of 1825 France
Comte de Villèle
Forces of Muhammad al Habib
18261837Kurdish revolt of 1826–1837[4] Ottoman EmpireKurdish rebels
18261829Central American civil war [es]
18261828Russo-Persian War (1826–28)
Part of the Russo-Persian Wars
 Russian Empire Persian Empire
18261826Chernigov Regiment revolt Russian Empire Decembrists
18261828Siamese-Lao War Siam Anouvong
King of Vientiane
182718271827 Honduran coup d’étatState of HondurasHonduran Conservatives
18271827Winnebago War United States
Local militia
182818281828 Peruvian intervention in Bolivia [es]
18281829Gran Colombia–Peru War Gran Colombia Peru
18281828Irish and German Mercenary Soldiers’ Revolt Empire of BrazilIrish and German merceneries
18281834Liberal Wars Liberal forces of Queen Mary II

United Kingdom

 Absolutist forces of King Miguel
18281829Russo-Turkish War (1828–29) Russian Empire Ottoman Empire
18281832Black War British EmpireTasmanian Aborigines
18291830Chilean Civil War of 1829–30 Pelucones
Military of Chile·        Chilean Army

·        Chilean Navy

18291833Anglo-Khasi War British EmpireKhasi people


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