List of Wars 1870 – 1879

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FinishName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)

Defeated party (if applicable)

18701870Kirk–Holden war United States Ku Klux Klan
18701871Al-Hasa Expedition[9][10] Ottoman Empire


18701870Aday uprising (1870) [ru] Russian EmpireAday [ru]
18701871Franco-Prussian War North German Confederation

Kingdom of Bavaria
Kingdom of Württemberg

 Second French Empire
18701872Revolution of the Lances Blancos Colorados
18701900Sheep Wars Cattle Ranchers Sheepmen
18701890Kalkadoon WarsBritish colonistsKalkadoon people
18711871French Civil War of 1871 French Republic Communards
18711871United States expedition to Korea United States Joseon Dynasty (Korea)
18711872Nukapu Expedition United KingdomNukapu
18721873Dembos War (1872–1873)[11]Portugalrebels
18721872Yemeni Expedition of 1872

Part of the Yemeni–Ottoman Conflicts

 Ottoman EmpireZaidis
18721876Third Carlist War Kingdom of Spain (Savoy) (to 1873)
First Spanish Republic (to 1874)
Kingdom of Spain (Bourbon) (from 1875)
18721873Modoc War
Lava Beds War
 United StatesModoc Tribes
18731873Khivan campaign of 1873 Russian EmpireKhanate of Khiva
18731904Aceh War Dutch East Indies Aceh Sultanate
18731874Revolt of the Muckers Empire of BrazilMuckers
18731874Pabna Peasant Uprisings British EmpireBengali Peasants
18731874Third Anglo-Ashanti War British Empire Ashanti Empire
18731888Colfax County War Settlers

Jicarilla Apaches

 Maxwell Land Grant
18731874Cantonal Revolution First Spanish Republic Spanish Cantons
18741874Brooks–Baxter WarRepublican PartyLiberal Republican Party
18741874Saga Rebellion Empire of JapanSaga Domain
18741874Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1874) Empire of Japan Qing Empire
18741875Red River War United StatesComanche Tribes

Kiowa Tribes
Southern Cheyenne Tribes
Arapaho Tribes

18741876Ethiopian–Egyptian War Ethiopia Egypt
18751875Ganghwa Island incident Empire of Japan Joseon Dynasty
18751875Las Cuevas War Texas Rangers Mexican Militia
18751876Perak War British EmpireMalay rebels
18751876Mason County War Vigilantes

German-American settlers

 Texas Rangers
18761876Shinpuren Rebellion Empire of JapanKumamoto Domain
18761876Razlovtsi insurrection Ottoman Empire Bulgarian rebels
18761876April Uprising Ottoman Empire Bulgarian rebels
18761876Akizuki Rebellion Empire of JapanAkizuki Domain
18761876Hagi Rebellion Empire of JapanChoshu Domain
18761877Colombian Civil War of 1876Colombian LiberalsColombian Conservatives
18761877Great Sioux War of 1876
Black Hills War
 United States

Shoshone Tribes
Crow Nation
Pawnee Tribes

Arapaho Tribes

Cheyenne Tribes
Lakota Tribes

18761878Qing reconquest of Xinjiang Qing dynastyKashgaria
18761878Montenegrin–Ottoman War (1876–78)
Part of the Great Eastern Crisis
 Montenegro Ottoman Empire
18771890Angoche Civil War[12]Followers of Farelay6 other claimants to the throne of the Angoche Sultanate
18771877Nez Perce War United StatesNez Perce
18771877Satsuma Rebellion Empire of Japan Satsuma Domain
18771878San Elizario Salt War United StatesMexican-Indians
18771879Ninth Xhosa War British Empire

Mfengu Tribe

Xhosa Gcaleka Tribe
18771878Russo-Turkish War (1877–78) Russian Empire

Bulgarian volunteers

 Ottoman Empire
18771879Cheyenne War United StatesCheyenne
18781878Bannock War United StatesBannock
Northern Shoshone
18781878Kanak Revolt French RepublicKanaks
18781878Lincoln County War Ranchers


 General Store Monopoly
John Kinney Gang
Jesse Evans Gang
Seven Rivers Warriors
18781878Kumanovo Uprising Ottoman Empire Serbian rebels
18781878Epirus Revolt of 1878 Ottoman Empire Greek rebels
187818781878 Greek Macedonian rebellion Ottoman Empire Greek rebels
18781879Kresna–Razlog Uprising Ottoman Empire Bulgarian rebels
18781880Second Anglo-Afghan War British Empire Afghanistan
18781885Conquest of the Desert Argentina Araucans
18781888Nauruan Civil WarKing Aweida Loyalists

German Empire (1888)

Anti-Aweida rebels
18791880Little War (Cuba) Kingdom of Spain Cuba
18791879Jementah Civil War Johor SultanateMuar
18791879Anglo-Zulu War British Empire
Colony of Natal
Zulu Kingdom
18791883War of the Pacific Republic of Chile Republic of Peru
Republic of Bolivia
18791879Sheepeater Indian War United StatesTurakina
18791881Victorio’s War United States


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