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FinishName of ConflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)

Defeated party (if applicable)

19301935Port Bergé rebellion[9] France

·          Colony of Madagascar and Dependencies

19301930Shinwari rebellion Kingdom of AfghanistanShinwari tribesmen
19301930Savur suppression[77] TurkeyKurdish rebels
19301930Aramar rebellion[77] TurkeyKurdish rebels
19301930Pülümür rebellion[77] TurkeyKurdish rebels
19301930Menemen rebellion[77] TurkeyKurdish rebels
19301930Afridi Redshirt Rebellion British EmpireAfridi tribesmen
19301930Kuhistan rebellion (February–April 1930) Kingdom of AfghanistanRebels
19301931Uprising of the Nghệ-Tĩnh Soviets French colonial empire Nghệ-Tĩnh Soviets
19301930Hnov uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Tugsbuyant uprising [ru] Mongolian People’s RepublicBuddhist clergy, former feudal lords, Arats.
19301930Sarysu-Sozak uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Anti-Soviet Sarbaz uprising of 1930 [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Muromtsevsky uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Asanic uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Baribaev uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Balkash-Shokparskoe uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Khorinskoe uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19301930Kuhistan rebellion (July 1930) Kingdom of Afghanistan Saqqawists
19301930Yen Bai mutiny French Indochina VNQDD
19301930Central Plains War

Part of Chinese Civil War

 Forces of Chiang Kai-shek Forces of the coalition of Yan XishanFeng YuxiangWang Jingwei, and Li Zongren
19301930Chittagong armoury raid British EmpireAnushilan Samiti
19301930Gugsa Wale’s RebellionHaile Selassie loyalistsEmpress Zewditu supporters
19301931Nghe-Tinh Revolt French IndochinaVietnamese rebels
19301932Saya San Rebellion British EmpireBurmese rebels
19301930Afghan campaign of the Red Army (1930) Soviet Union Basmachi
19301932Sino-Tibetan War Republic of China Tibet
19301930Brazilian Revolution of 1930 First Brazilian Republic Liberal Alliance and tenentistas.

·          Brazilian Army

19301930Wushe Rebellion Empire of Japan
Truku[85] (Taroko)
193119311931 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Ahl Ma’ir tribe
19311933Idrisid Emirate Rebellion [ar] Saudi Arabia Idrisid Emirate

Supported by:

Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

193119311931 Saudi–Yemeni border skirmish Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen
19311931Alak Uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19311931Abralin Uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19311931Flour Revolt [pt] PortugalRebels
19311931March Incident Empire of JapanSakurakai
19311931Uranian peasant uprising [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19311931October Incident Empire of JapanSakurakai
193119311931 Cyprus Revolt British EmpireGreek Cypriot rebels
19311931Jafar Sultan revolt IranKurdish rebels
19311931Norte Grande insurrection ChileCommunist Party of Chile
19311931Chilean naval mutiny of 1931 ChileChilean Navy rebels
1931/321932Najran conflict Saudi Arabia Yemen
19311932Japanese invasion of Manchuria Empire of Japan Republic of China
19311932Ahmed Barzani revolt Kingdom of IraqBarzan tribe
19311934Kumul Rebellion Republic of China First East Turkestan Republic
193219321932 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Qutaybi tribe
19321932Uukwambi uprising[10] Union of South AfricaUukwambi rebels
19321932Ethiopian conquest of the Kingdom of Jimma[86] Ethiopian EmpireKingdom of Jimma
19321932Lesko uprising Second Polish RepublicPeasant rebels
19321932Constitutionalist Revolution Brazil São Paulo
19321932Ecuadorian Civil WarLeftist and Liberal rebels Ecuador
19321932January 28 Incident Republic of China Empire of Japan
19321932Chechen uprising of 1932 [ru] Soviet UnionChechen rebels
19321933Two-Liu War[87][88]

Part of the Warlord Era

Anti-Lui Wenhui (1st phase):[89][unreliable source]

·         Liu Xiang (until December 1932)

·         Tian Songyao (until February 1933)

·         Jian Zaizhen (October 1932 to April 1933)

·         Hou Zhidan (October 1932 to April 1933)

·         Yan Seng (October to December 1932)

·         Song Xing (November 1932 to April 1933)

·         Deng Xihou (November to December 1932)

·         Yuo Guocai (November 1932 to April 1933)

Anti-Lui Wenhui (2nd phase):[89][unreliable source]

·         Deng Xihau

·         Liu Xiang

·         Tian Songyao (from June 1933)

Pro-Liu Wenhui:[89][unreliable source]

·         Liu Wenhui

·         Qinghai Ma Clique (until June 1933)

·         Wang Jialie (October 1932 to April 1933)

·         He Zhizhong (November 1932 to April 1933)

19321932May 15 Incident Empire of JapanLeague of Blood
193219321932 armed uprising in Mongolia Mongolian People’s Republic
Soviet Union
Anti-communist rebels
19321932Kirghiz rebellion Republic of ChinaKirghiz rebels
19321932Mäntsälä rebellion Finland Lapua movement
193219321932 Salvadoran peasant uprising El SalvadorSalvadoran peasants
19321932Sanjurjada Spanish RepublicRebel Officers
19321933Leticia Incident Colombia Peru
19321935Chaco War Paraguay Bolivia
19321932Darre Khel revolt Kingdom of AfghanistanRebels
19321932Emu WarEmus Australia
19321939Soviet–Japanese border conflicts Soviet Union

·          Manchukuo

·          Japanese Korea

193319331933 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Mawsata tribe
193319331933 Mohmand revolt in Afghanistan[90] Kingdom of AfghanistanMohmand rebels
19331933Crazy Fakir’s rebellion Kingdom of AfghanistanForces of the Crazy Fakir
19331936Actions in Inner Mongolia (1933–36) Empire of Japan

·          Manchukuo

·          Chinese collaborators

·          Mongol Military Government (1936)

 Republic of China
19331933Boworadet Rebellion ThailandRebels under Prince Boworadet
19331933Sergeants’ RevoltRebels Cuba
19331933Kazym rebellion Soviet UnionKhanty rebels
19331933Anarchist uprising in Spain (1933) Spanish RepublicSpanish Anarchists
19331933Casas Viejas incident Spanish RepublicSpanish Anarchists
19331933De Zeven Provinciën Mutiny The NetherlandsDutch Navy rebels
193419341934 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Qutaybi tribe
19341938Second Cristero War [es] Mexican Government Cristeros
19341934Asturian Revolution Spanish RepublicAsturian Miners
19341934Mandalada [ru] Soviet UnionRebels
19341934Soviet invasion of Xinjiang Republic of China Soviet Union
White Russian forces
Torgut Mongols
19341934Military Academy incident Empire of JapanImperial Way Faction
19341934Austrian Civil War First Austrian Republic

Fatherland’s Front

 Social Democratic Party of Austria
19341934July Putsch First Austrian RepublicAustrian Legion
193419341934 Latvian coup d’étatKārlis Ulmanis Latvia
193419341934 Estonian coup d’état [et]Konstantin Päts Estonia
19341934Events of 6 October Spanish Republic Generalitat of Catalonia
193419341934 Khamba Rebellion Tibet (1912–1951)
Sichuan clique
Communist Party of China
Khamba Tribesmen
19341934Saudi–Yemeni War Saudi Arabia Yemen
19351935Narrenrevolte [de] Nazi GermanyRebels
19351935Mohmand campaign of 1935 British EmpireMohmand tribesmen
19351935May 2 uprising United StatesSakdalista
193519351935 Yazidi revolt Kingdom of IraqYazidis
19351935Goharshad Mosque rebellion IranBazaaris
193519351935 Greek coup d’état attempt Second Hellenic RepublicVenizelist rebels
193519361935–36 Iraqi Shia revolts Kingdom of IraqShia tribesmen
19351935Brazilian uprising of 1935 BrazilBrazilian Communist Party
19351936Second Italo-Ethiopian War Kingdom of Italy Ethiopian Empire
193619371936–1937 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Mansuri rebels
193619361936 Iraqi coup d’état Bakr Sidqi‘s supporters Iraqi Government
19361936Scythe Cross rebellion Kingdom of HungaryHungarian National Socialist Party
193619361936 Naval Revolt (Portugal) PortugalRevolutionary Armed Organization
19361936February 26 Incident Empire of Japan Righteous Army
193619391936–39 Arab revolt in Palestine United Kingdom
British Army
Palestine Police Force
Jewish Settlement Police
Jewish Supernumerary Police
Special Night Squads
Peulot Meyuhadot
Peace Bands
 Arab Higher Committee
19361939Spanish Civil War National faction

·          Falange

·          Carlists (1936–1937)

·          CEDA (1936–1937)

·          Alfonsists (1936–1937)

·          Army of Africa

Supported by:

·          Italy

·          Germany

·          Portugal

·         Foreign volunteers

 Republican faction

·          Spanish Republican Army

·          Popular Front

·          CNT/FAI

·          UGT

·          ERC

·          Basque Army (1936–1937)

·          Galicianist Party

Supported by:

·          International Brigades

·          Soviet Union (1936–1938)

·          Mexico

·          France (1936)

19361939Waziristan campaign (1936–1939) British Empire

·          India

19371937March–April 1937 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Shayri tribe
19371939Katawz rebellion[91] Kingdom of AfghanistanRebels
19371937Afghan tribal revolts of 1937[90] Kingdom of AfghanistanRebel tribes:

·         Mohmand

·         Shinwari

·         Sulaimankhel

19371937Islamic rebellion in Xinjiang (1937) Soviet Union
White Russian forces
 Republic of China
19371937September–October 1937 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Subayhi tribe
19371937Dieu Python movement French IndochinaDegar rebels
19371938Dersim Rebellion TurkeyDersim tribes
19371945Second Sino-Japanese War
Part of World War II
 Republic of China

Soviet Union (1937-1941; 1944-1945)
United States (1941-1945)
British Empire (1942-1945)

 Empire of Japan

Reorganized National Government of China

19371937December 1937 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Rebel tribes:

·         Ahl Haydara

·         Mansuri

19381938Brazilian Integralist uprising of 1938 [pt] Brazil Brazilian Integralist Action
19381938Shinwari revolt of 1938[91][92] Kingdom of AfghanistanShinwari rebels under Muhammad Afzal[93]
19381938Suleiman Khel rebellion Kingdom of AfghanistanSuleiman khel rebels
19381938Ghilzai rebellion Kingdom of AfghanistanGhilzai rebels
19381938February 1938 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Hamumi tribe
19381939Alizai winter uprising[94] Kingdom of AfghanistanAlizai rebels
193819381938 Greek coup d’état attempt Second Hellenic RepublicVenizelist rebels
19381938April 1938 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Subayhi tribe
19381938July–September 1938 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Mansuri tribe
19381938Sudeten German uprising Sudetendeutsches Freikorps


19391939Hungarian Invasion of the Carpatho-Ukraine Kingdom of Hungary Carpatho-Ukraine
19391939Slovak–Hungarian War Kingdom of Hungary Slovak Republic
19391965Maquis insurgency Nationalist Spain Spanish Maquis
19391939Italian invasion of Albania Kingdom of Italy Albanian Kingdom
19391945World War IIAllied Powers:
Soviet Union
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
South Africa
Axis Powers:
193919391939 Ondonga uprising[10] South AfricaOdonga rebels
19391940Winter War
Part of World War II
 Soviet Union Finland
194019411940–1941 Aden Protectorate uprising[68] British Empire

·         Royal Air Force

·         Aden Protectorate

Qutaybi tribe
194019441940–44 insurgency in Chechnya

Part of World War II and the Chechen–Russian conflict

 Soviet Union Provisional Popular Revolutionary Government of ChechnyaIngushetia

Supported by:

Germany (1942)

19401940Czortków uprising
Part of World War II
 Soviet Union Polish rebels
19401940Soviet occupation of the Baltic states (1940)
Part of World War II
 Soviet Union Estonia



19401940Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina
Part of World War II
 Soviet Union Romania
19401941Franco-Thai War
Part of World War II
 Thailand Vichy France

French Indochina

19411941Legionnaires’ Rebellion Kingdom of Romania Iron Guard
19411941Ecuadorian–Peruvian War Peru Ecuador
19411941Anglo-Iraqi War
Part of World War II
 United Kingdom

British India

 Kingdom of Iraq

Nazi Germany
Kingdom of Italy

19411944Continuation War
Part of World War II
 Soviet Union

United Kingdom


Nazi Germany
Kingdom of Italy

19411944Hama Rashid revolt IranKurdish tribes
19411941June 1941 uprising in eastern Herzegovina Independent State of Croatia


Serb rebels from eastern Herzegovina and Montenegro
19411941Uprising in Serbia (1941) Government of National Salvation

Nazi Germany



19421954Hukbalahap Rebellion Philippines
United States
Soviet Union
194319431943 Khuzestan revolt[95]
194319451943 Barzani revolt Kingdom of Iraq

Supported by:

Kurdish tribesmen (1945)

·         Zibrari

·         Berwari

·         Doski

·         Elements of the ‘Muhajarin’ tribe

Kurdish rebels

·         Barzani tribesmen

·         Allied Kurdish tribes

19431943Woyane rebellion Ethiopian Empire


Woyanne rebels
19431944Jesselton revolt
Part of World War II
 Empire of JapanKinabalu rebels
19431949Ukrainian Insurgent Army insurgency Soviet Union
People’s Republic of PolandPolish Underground State

Nazi Germany (1941–1944)

 Ukrainian Insurgent Army
194419451944–1945 Insurgency in Balochistan United Kingdom

·          British India

Badinzai rebels
19441947Afghan tribal revolts of 1944–1947 Afghanistan
• Allied Nuristani and Shinwari tribesmen
British Empire
•  India
Rebel tribes:

·         Zadran (1944–1947)

·         Safi (until 1946)

·         Mangal (1945)

19441945Lapland War
Part of World War II
 Finland Nazi Germany
19441946Anti-communist resistance in Poland (1944-1946) People’s Republic of Poland

Soviet Union

 Cursed soldiers
19441947Jewish insurgency in Palestine Jewish Resistance Movement

·         Haganah

·         Irgun

·         Lehi

 British Army
Royal Navy
Royal Air Force
Palestine Police Force
19441944Luluabourg and Jadotville Mutiny[96] Belgian CongoForce Publique Mutineers
194419441944 Kivu Uprising Belgian CongoWatchtower Movement
19441949Ili Rebellion Communist Party of China
Second East Turkestan Republic
Soviet Union
White Russian forces
Mongolian People’s Republic
 Republic of China
National Revolutionary Army
19441951Goryani Insurgency People’s Republic of BulgariaGoryani
19441953Guerrilla war in the Baltic states Soviet Union Forest Brothers


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