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FinishName of conflictBelligerents
Victorious party (if applicable)

Defeated party (if applicable)

19501961Buraimi War [ar]
9 January 19501958Kuomintang Islamic insurgency People’s Republic of China Republic of China
22 January 195023 January 1950APRA coup d’état
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
Legion of Ratu Adil
5 April 195021 April 1950Makassar Uprising
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
 IndonesiaAmbonese Veterans
12 June 195015 June 1950La Revolución del 50 [es] PeruRebels
6 October 195019 October 1950Battle of Chamdo People’s Republic of China Tibet
30 October 1950Utuado Uprising United States Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
San Juan Nationalist revolt
Jayuya Uprising
25 June 195027 July 1953[7]Korean War
Part of the Korean conflict
 UN Command:

·          South Korea

·          United States

·          United Kingdom

·          Australia

·          Belgium

·          Canada

·          France

·          Philippines

·          Colombia

·          Ethiopia

·          Greece

·          Luxembourg

·          Netherlands

·          New Zealand

·          South Africa

·          Thailand

·          Turkey

Medical support[show]

·          North Korea

·          China

·          Soviet Union

Medical support[show]

29 June 1951Manhattan Rebellion ThailandRebel naval units
14 April 195113 November 1966Reprisal operations Israel Palestinian Fedayeen




195119511951 Anglo-Egyptian War[9] United Kingdom Egypt
19521952Harazajat peasant’s revolt[10] Kingdom of AfghanistanRebels
19521955Invasion of Hamasa Trucial Oman Scouts

Supported by:

British Empire

Sultanate of Muscat and Oman

 Saudi Arabia

Supported by:

·         Al Bu Shamis tribe

·         Na’im tribe

Summer 19521960Mau Mau Uprising United Kingdom Mau Mau
10 March 1953Air battle over Merklín Czechoslovakia United States
31 May 19532 June 1953Uprising in Plzeň (1953) CzechoslovakiaPlzeň workers
16 June 195317 June 1953Uprising of 1953 in East Germany Soviet Union

East Germany

East German demonstrators
26 July 19531 January 1959Cuban Revolution 26th of July Movement Batista Government
1954OngoingXinjiang conflict China Uyghur separatist movements



16 May 195426 June 1954Kengir uprising USSR Kengir resistance
3 September 19541 May 1955First Taiwan Strait Crisis PRC ROC

United States

13 June 1954Coup d’état of Yanaon Indian Separatists French India
22 July 195411 August 1954Annexation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli India Portugal
23 June 195822 September 1958Second Taiwan Strait Crisis PRC ROC

United States

19541959Jebel Akhdar War Sultanate of Muscat and Oman

·         Ibriyin tribe

 Imamate of Oman

·         Ibadi sect

1 November 195419 March 1962Algerian War FLN




19541962Café Wars FLN MNA
19551955Preventive Strike of Marechal Lott [pt]
19551955Afghan tribal revolt of 1955[11][4] Kingdom of AfghanistanRebels
19551955Calderonista Invasion of Costa Rica Costa RicaCalderonistas



19551959Rebellion against British Ruling by Greek Cypriots (EOKA) Cyprus British Empire
19551964Cameroonian Independence War FranceUnion of the Peoples of Cameroon
19551957Upper Yafa uprisings[12] British EmpireRebels
18 August 195527 March 1972First Sudanese Civil War SSLM
 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

Republic of the Sudan

Democratic Republic of the Sudan

1 November 195530 April 1975Vietnam War North Vietnam
Khmer Rouge
Khmer Issarak
Pathet Lao
North Korea
Soviet UnionSupported by:[show]
 South Vietnam
United States
South Korea
New Zealand
Kingdom of Laos
Khmer Republic
PhilippinesSupported by:[show]
28 June 195630 June 1956Poznań Uprising People’s Republic of PolandStrike Committee
23 October 195611 November 1956Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Soviet Union
State Protection Authority
 Hungarian revolutionaries
29 October 19567 November 1956Suez Crisis Israel[13]
United Kingdom
2 November 195614 November 1956Quỳnh Lưu Uprising North VietnamAnti-communist rebels
23 October 195730 June 1958Ifni War Spain
Late 1950sLate 1950sAnti-taxation uprising in Afghanistan[15] Kingdom of AfghanistanHazara rebels
15 July 195825 October 19581958 Lebanon crisis Lebanon
United States
14 July 195814 July Revolution Free Officers Arab Federation
December 1958September 1959North Vietnamese invasion of Laos
Part of the Vietnam War and the Laotian Civil War
 North Vietnam Kingdom of Laos
30 December 195815 September 1959Mexico–Guatemala conflict Guatemala Mexico
19581961Permesta IndonesiaPermesta rebels
7 March 195911 March 19591959 Mosul uprising Iraq Arab nationalist rebels
10 March 195923 March 19591959 Tibetan uprising People’s Republic of China Tibet

Chushi Gangdruk

23 May 19592 December 1975Laotian Civil War Pathet Lao
North VietnamSupported by:[show]
 Kingdom of Laos
United States
South VietnamSupported by:[show]
19591965Escambray Rebellion CubaAnti-communist guerrillas
19591959Pashtun Revolt in Kandahar[16] Kingdom of AfghanistanPashtun rebels
15 June 195918 June 1959Upper Yafa disturbances[17]
(Further info: House of commons debate)
 British Empire

·          Upper Yafa


Supported by:
Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

19591959Cuban invasion of Panama[18] Panama Cuba
19591959Cuban invasion of the Dominican Republic[19] Dominican Republic Cuba
31 July 195920 October 2011Basque conflict Spain
Basque National Liberation Movement
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