Russian Navy to commission some 40 vessels in 2020

Russian Navy to commission some 40 vessels in 2020

The Russian Navy is set to commission some 40 naval platforms this year, the service’s commander-in-chief, Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, told military newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda(Red Star) on 6 July.

All four of the navy’s fleets will receive surface combatants, while submarines will be delivered to the Northern and Pacific Fleets, according to Adm Yevmenov.

Among the warships under construction are :

  • Project 22350 frigates,
  • Project 20380, 20385, 20386, and 21631 corvettes,
  • Project 22800 and 22160 missile and patrol corvettes,
  • Project 12700 mine countermeasures vessels,
  • Project 955A ballistic missile submarines,
  • Project 885M nuclear-powered attack submarines, and
  • Project 636.3 and 677 diesel-electric submarines.

”The Project 22350 frigates will be further developed in the areas of onboard subsystems and armament, and these ships’ high performance will bolster the navy’s blue-water component,” he said.

The Russian Navy is capable of operating in both green and blue waters, according to the admiral.

Equipping the navy with new-generation platforms and cutting-edge weapons, and increasing the intensity of combat training is expected to allow the service to maintain its blue-water capabilities.

The navy conducted intensive training during the first half of 2020: the surface component spent 5,300 days and submarines more than 1,000 days at sea, while naval aviation clocked up 13,000 flying hours.

Coastal defence troops trained more than 20 missile batteries, and units conducted some 9,500 parachute jumps.


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