Serbia buys FK-3 surface-to-air missile system from China

Serbia buys FK-3 surface-to-air missile system from China

Defence Blog reported that Serbia state-owned arms import company Yugoimport SDPR JP ordered FK-3 surface-to-air missile weapon system with a range of 100 km and altitude from 50 to 27,000 m which super adaptive anti-jamming capacity with several anti-jamming measures. FK-3 is a Chinese air-to-air missile specifically for export and it can be seen as a predecessor of the HQ-22 air defense missile system. Chinese FK-3 medium to long range air-defense system is designed to handle all kind of airborne threats, including fighter jets, cruise missiles, tactical missiles. Sources said that Serbia acquired 3 batteries of the FK-3 system.

The FK-3 system implements effective multi-target tracking and interception against saturation attack. One fire unit, equipped with the guidance radar, provides interception against 6 targets with 12 rounds of missile. Multiple fire units, under the control of command and coordination vehicle, expand the multi-target interception to 36 targets with 72 rounds of missile.

The FK-3 weapon system can not only fulfill air defense independently, but also complete missions in cooperation with other air defense systems. The missile uses a radio-command and semi-active radar homing composite guidance or whole-course radio-command guidance.

Source: google news

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