Trump repeated that Lebanon blast might have been attack

Trump repeated that Lebanon blast might have been attack

President Donald Trump on Wednesday continued to suggest that the massive explosion that killed at least 135 people in Lebanon might have been a deliberate attack, even as officials in Lebanon and his own defense chief said it’s believed to have be an accident.

“Whatever happened, it’s terrible, but they don’t really know what it is,” Trump insisted. “Nobody knows yet.”

Investigators probing the deadly blast that ripped across Beirut on Tuesday are focused on possible negligence in the storage of tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive fertilizer, in a waterfront warehouse. The Lebanese government ordered the house arrest of several port officials in connection with the explosion, which killed at least 135 people and injured 5,000 more.

On Tuesday, Trump called the explosion a “terrible attack” and said American generals told him it was likely caused by a bomb. “They seem to think it was an attack,” Trump said. “It was a bomb of some kind, yes.”

Defense Secretary Mark Esper contradicted the president Wednesday, saying most people believe the explosion “was an accident, as reported.”

But later in the day, Trump insisted nobody knows for sure.

“How can you say accident if somebody left some terrible explosive-type devices and things around perhaps — perhaps it was that. Perhaps it was an attack,” Trump told reporters during a White House briefing. “I don’t think anybody can say right now. We’re looking into it very strongly right now.

“Some people think it was an attack and some people think it wasn’t. In any event, it was a terrible event and a lot of people were killed and a tremendous number of people were badly wounded, injured. And we’re standing with that country. “ google news

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