US Army Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

US Army Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

U.S Army veteran William Keyes is celebrating a special birthday. 100 years of life.

“I enjoyed every bit of it and I still enjoy it, I was a teacher for 75 years. At least 75 years,” Keyes said.

78 years after joining the military, he’s still kicking and never looked so good.

Which gives a glimpse into his secret.

“All of his friends look different and that’s like the coolest part is that no one friend is the same and I think that’s his strength. He just collects people,” said friend Patrice Teetermoran.

Service and sacrifice do not go unnoticed. Not here. Not for this man who stayed on the forefront of civil rights in Maryland.

“There is a way to become 100 and still be flexible,” said his daughter Jutta Butler.

So much love from the community for such a generational personality.

But while he is around…

“I think it’s important to listen to his stories because pretty soon there won’t enough of these guys left to talk about that,” Butler said.

And to give the flowers while he can still smell them. For a man like William Keyes, “thank you” may never be enough, but for now we’ll just say a simple… Happy Birthday.

“Goodbye! See ya next year! I’ll be 101!” he said. google news

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