Which military conflicts Turkey incites and supports

Which military conflicts Turkey incites and supports

Turkey systematically incites and supports the following military conflicts in the region:

  • Arab-Israeli conflict (directly finances Hamas terrorists who fire rockets at peaceful cities);
  • The Syrian war (directly involved in hostilities in Syria against the local army and Kurds, and also finances several illegal armed groups in the same place);
  • The war with the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan (directly);
  • The civil war in Libya (Erdogan sent his officers, mercenaries, weapons, and money there);
  • A military conflict in a passive phase with Cyprus and Greece, which is about to erupt at any time, in the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which is the most urgent one

In Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Erdogan does not even hesitate to take responsibility for what is happening:

“The time has come to end the occupation of the territory of Azerbaijan by Armenia.” 

Erdogan imagines himself as a sultan in an attempt to return Ottoman influence to Turkey. It turns Turkey into a new stronghold of Islamic fundamentalism (the story of Hagia Sofia, where millennial Christian frescoes are now closed by a Muslim remake, is worth international intervention).

He has canceled the elections in his country, he is imprisoning human rights defenders, journalists, and lawyers by tens of thousands. Hundreds of Turkish oppositionists go missing, and not only in Turkey. Erdogan personally blessed the expansion of Europe by the Turks and in every possible way supports it with finances. He threatens to open a direct corridor for refugees from Syria and is blackmailing the EU with this. But he gets away with it.

And almost all the leaders of the Western world (by the way, except for Trump) shake these sweaty hands.

Until this stops, the endless stream of corpses in the region will not stop either. Yes, he is not the only villain, but he is a villain. You can’t communicate with assholes from the Petrarch position. Sometimes assholes need to hit back. At least with sanctions.

We cannot say that the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not artificial. It is real. But Turkish incitement, as well as militants and weapons, have nothing to do with it. If any foreign participation in this conflict is possible at all, then only from the point of view of mediation in the framework of a diplomatic settlement.

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